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Bitumen Self-adhesive Membrane

  • full line of bitumen self-adhesive membranes.
  • resist to splits and tears
  • modified asphalt gives a lasting performance.

Can apply on any roof, underground, basement projects etc…

Additional information


Cold applied


Green,also can be customized


1m X 10m, 1m X 20m,




Dimension customizable

Product Details

Bitumen Self-Adhesive Membrane is widely used in waterproof projects all over the world. Applying a self-adhesive membrane together with cold-applied non-cured coating gives an outstanding waterproof performance.

  • Weidun Waterproof has a full line of bitumen self-adhesive membranes.
  • A resilient polyester mat core allows it to resist splits and tears due to its elongation characteristics.
  • Specially formulated modified asphalt gives a lasting performance.
  • Cold applied, avoid open flames.
  • Custom orders are welcome!

Applications: any roof, underground projects, basement waterproof and etc

How to use

Substrate Preparation:

All substrates must be sound, dry, free from grease, dirt, or other contaminants, and must be reasonably smooth.


Apply cement mortar evenly with a roller or scraper on the dry and clean substrate.

Apply WEIDUN Bitumen Self-adhesive Membrane, peel off the backing film carefully, and run the scraper back and forth to smooth out the membrane and make sure any air bubbles are removed.

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